President Robert and the Zanu PF led government are living on borrowed time as they overstayed their welcome in the country’s political systems, a government critic has said.

Leader of the National Vendors Union Zimbabwe (NAVUZ), Mr. Sten Zvorwadza has warned that President Mugabe and his senior government officials risk facing the wrath of the citizenry if they maintain their firm grip to power.

Zvorwadza made the remarks while addressing journalists in the capital after the abduction and brutal attack of NAVUZ activist Kudakwashe Kambakunje, who is said to have been abducted late Tuesday night by suspected state security agents.

“As the citizens, we are saying enough is enough. We believe that the Zanu PF regime is now living on borrowed time. It’s high time that (President) Mugabe leave office.

“It’s not a secret anymore that he (President Mugabe) deserves to be in an old people’s home and is no longer fit to be the country’s leader,” Zvorwadza said scathingly.

He added that President Mugabe is visibly tired, clueless and has nothing new to offer and accused him of sleeping on international forums thereby putting the country to shame.

“We cannot allow a 92 year old man to lead us. We have become a laughing stock to the whole world for abusing an old man.

“It is our duty as citizens to help this old man to pack his bags and leave the state house peacefully,”

Zvorwadza’s remarks come on the back end of fresh wave of violence between the police and vendors which rocked Harare on Tuesday.

It is after the violence that Kambakunje was “abducted” by unknown people whom Zvorwadza labelled as state security agents.

The alleged abductors assaulted and left him for dead along a farm in Mazowe about 22 kilometers outside of Harare.

The vendors’ leader accused Zanu PF of orchestrating the abductions which are on the rise.

“We know these evil deeds are being coordinated at Zanu PF headquarters. As citizens, we demand an end to all this madness, failure of which we are going to use all means people to bring o book perpetrators of these abductions,” Zvorwadza warned chillingly.

Kambakunje’s abduction comes barely weeks after another government critic, Sylvanos Mudzvove was abducted, dumped and was found battling for his life in the bushes.