Zimbabwe people are cowards –
otherwise Mugabe wouldn’t be in
power today #Tajamuka #ThisFlag

Are we Zimbabweans cowards?
They say – I am too educated and civilised to be
seen protesting in the streets…someone else will
do it, not me.
I know what’s wrong with this country and what
needs to be done for it to become great again,
but I won’t do anything about it – I will not
stand up or speak up when our rights are
violated. I will wait for a miracle to happen.
I would rather be safe than get abducted.
Zimbabwe is bad but my safety comes first. Let
other Zimbabweans fight for me, let them go to
the streets and risk arrest and abduction, it is
not just for me.
I see my brothers in the street, getting beaten
by the police, I don’t join them. I watch from
afar, scared but giving a critical analysis of the
I watch when a handful policeman ambush one of
us, and us in our hundreds, just stand there and
watch, taking pictures. I know it is wrong, and
that I should do something, but I am weak.
If it is not you who will act, then who?
How can the 14 million of us be held ransom by a
frail old man?
Be the change you want to see.
Are we Zimbabweans cowards?
Oliver Morogotsa