Zanu-PF youths set to clash in Harare
Harare – Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF youths are
set to clash on Wednesday after one of the
factions within the party threatened to hold a
massive demonstration against Local
Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, a
report said on Tuesday.
According to NewsDay , Kasukuwere was being
accused of extensive corruption in his previous
portfolios as a minister.
He was being accused stealing youth funds,
community share ownership trust funds when he
was the Youth minister, plunder of the
country’s wildlife when he took over the Water,
Climate and Environment ministry, destruction
of people’s homes and giving out residential
stands to his cronies and relatives when he was
appointed local government minister.
However, another faction vowed it would defend
the embattled local government minister.
Land meant for youths
A New Zimbabwe report said that Kasukuwere
allegedly dished out state-owned land to famous
church leader Walter Magaya, adding that while
he was the minister of youth, he secured a loan
for his brother Tongai, who has since failed to
settle it.
Acting local government permanent secretary
retired colonel J Mhakayakora said that it had
become necessary for the ministry to shed light
with the public on its plans.
“Following adverse reports by both public and
private media it has become necessary and
imperative for the ministry to shed more light
on the allocation of state-land in Harare and in
other provinces,” Mhakayakora was quoted
The march, dubbed Anti-Corruption Mega Demo,
was due to start at the open space near the
Harare Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday
The development came just a week after
President Robert Mugabe reportedly grilled
Kasukuwere over allegations that the land
meant for youths had been sold to individuals.
It remained to be seen whether the anti-
corruption protest would take place, as a police
ban imposed in the capital last month was
reportedly still effective despite a High Court
ruling last week.