Zanu PF Has Declared A
De Facto State Of
The beleaguered and faction –
ridden Zanu PF regime has since gone
completely rogue. On Saturday, September 17,
2016, the collapsing regime, fronted by
Robert Mugabe, proved to the entire world,
beyond a shadow of doubt, that it has
declared war against innocent and unarmed
civilians who are seeking to exercise their
constitutional right to engage in peaceful
demonstrations as provided for under Section
59 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.
Throughout the length and breadth of the
country, armed police officers and hundreds
of Zanu PF thugs and hooligans were deployed
specifically to harass, intimidate and assault
people who were peacefully engaged in public
demonstrations demanding the adoption of
electoral reforms, amongst other key demands
from the toiling masses of Zimbabwe.
Even small cities and towns such as Chipinge,
Gokwe, Chiredzi and Gutu – Mupandawana,
were teeming with hundreds of armed police
officers and other security agents,
specifically assigned to violently thwart the
peaceful demonstrations that had been
organized by the several opposition political
parties under the national electoral reform
agenda (NERA).
Political activists and thousands of non –
political activists were thuggishly rounded up,
arrested and severely tortured. Even Members
of Parliament were not spared in this State –
sponsored orgy of violence, banditry and
thuggery. To all intents and purposes,
therefore, the bankrupt and clueless Zanu PF
regime has since imposed a de facto state of
emergency though out the country.
Zimbabwe is now under siege from the brutal
and collapsing Zanu PF regime. The people of
Zimbabwe are now prisoners in their own
country ; held captive by a cruel, insensitive
and rogue regime that is obsessed with the
politics of power retention.
Zimbabwe has now reached the tipping point,
It is apparent that the globe – trotting
dictator, Robert Mugabe, is not at all
prepared to listen to the people’s demands.
The people of Zimbabwe deserve to be led by a
caring, loving, responsible and legitimate
government that will ensure that their
fundamental human rights and liberties are
respected and upheld.
Unfortunately, the Zanu PF regime has since
degenerated and mutated into an evil
Frankenstein monster that wants to feed on
the suffering and the blood of its own people.
Instead of addressing the people’s concerns
such as the adoption of electoral reforms,
creation of jobs, arresting and prosecuting
high level corrupt politicians etc, Zanu PF has
effectively declared war against the
suffering and toiling masses of Zimbabwe.
The MDC has established irrefutable evidence
to the effect that thousands of Zanu PF
thugs and hoodlums, employed as so – called
youth officers throughout the country, are
actually being given ZRP uniforms so that
they can masquerade as duly attested
members of the police force. Thus, we would
like to call upon the Commissioner – General
of police, Augustine Chihuri, to come out in
the open and publicly dissociate the legitimate
members of the ZRP from these marauding
Zanu PF thugs and hooligans.
Against all macro – economic fundamentals
and financial logic, the crumbling Zanu PF
regime has declared that bond notes will start
to circulate at the end of October, 2016.
Already, there is an unprecedented run on
deposits at the country’s banks and other
financial institutions because the people of
Zimbabwe are scared of losing out on their
little hard – earned hard currency.
Mugabe has proved that he doesn’t give an
iota about the suffering of the majority of
the people as long as the few ruling elites
continue to lead lavish lifestyles in high
society. More than 90% of the people of
Zimbabwe are now classified as living in
abject poverty and penury because they are
living on less than US$1 per day.
The MDC, once again, calls upon SADC, the AU
and even the United Nations, to urgently
place Zimbabwe back on the agenda. The
prevailing security and political situation in
the country is untenable ; particularly
considering the fact that Mugabe himself
recently threatened to unleash terror and
brutality on all leading opposition politicians
such as MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai.
Mugabe is smelling blood. He is spoiling for a
fight. In these circumstances, therefore,
Zimbabwe could quickly slide into anarchy and
State – sponsored banditry and terrorism if
SADC, the AU and the UN do not promptly
intervene to find a lasting and sustainable
solution to the long – standing Zimbabwean
political and socio – economic crisis.
The toiling masses of Zimbabwe are crying out
to be heard by both the regional and the
international community at large. Robert