Different people engage in sex for different reasons, like to satisfy the sexual drive and ego, to please their partners, to make up after a breakup, to feel closer to their partners and to feel loved. Of all the reasons why people may engage in sex, the need to experience physical pleasure and satisfaction is the main reason why people have sex. If you have never had sex before, you must be having a lot of questions regarding sex, such as “What does it feel like to have sex?” Throughout this article, such concerns will be addressed.

What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex for Girls at the First Time?

While sex can be fun, the experience will mainly depend on the personality of the two parties and their feelings towards each other. For the first sexual experience to be amazing, the two parties need to feel comfortable and secure about the relationship. If the lady is not yet ready

for her first sex, it can turn out to be a painful experience. Not being prepared for the intercourse or comfortable with each other makes the lady to clench up her muscles, which makes first sex more painful for her. There are various things that may be done prior to her first sex to ensure that she experiences less pain. For instance, caressing before the intercourse will arouse and make her feel more relaxed during the sexual intercourse.……READ FULL STORY on the next page ,go below this page CLICK>>>2