Choppies managing director Mr Siqokoqela Mphoko has apologised “if we have wronged anyone,” following the targeting of Choppies by rioters.

“We have a partnership with Botswana, who has extended their operations into other countries such as South Africa. In South Africa they extended their operations about eight years ago and in Zimbabwe, in 2013.

“With this business we have managed to call in for foreign partners and when such things happen, it is a very sad scenario. It is not fair to continue targeting us and we would want to extend our apology if we have wronged anyone,” Mr Mphoko said.

He said they had decided to give off days of between three and four days to the manager of Choppies Harare branch who was on duty when looters came calling and the 55 employees.

“The manager and all the 55 employees were shaken by the incident and what we have decided to do is to give them off days so that they recuperate. We have brought in another shift to continue with their duties.

“Most of them have never witnessed such a situation where they are attacked during demonstrations and they need counselling,” he said.

Mr Mphoko said the security guards manning the premises were also manhandled before the youths ransacked the shop. They looted alcohol and other stock. Two till points and two computers were also destroyed. A woman who was shopping was also beaten up by the rowdy youths