We can, we will & we must
fix Zimbabwe
My question is why do I have to travel to
another country to experience excellence?
Why can’t I experience it in my own country?

The world is moving forward but Zimbabwe
finds herself marooned in the misery of
failure. A certain ‘boy’ who leads a gang of
terrorists masquerading to be leading the
country shockingly finds the audacity to shout
on top of his old and tired voice that he must
be left alone with ‘his’ Zimbabwe.
Why does it seem like an achievement when a
Zimbabwean travels to another country? It’s
not an achievement. It’s actually a
manifestation of failure in most cases. Any
fair person would agree with me that
Zimbabweans find themselves raptured in
senseless but justifiable admiration of
someone travelling to another country.
It’s disgusting that in this day and age,
boarding a plane is still an enviable ‘feat’ in
Zimbabwe. That is and should be basic.
Zimbabweans find themselves drooling every
now and again when they watch their
‘President’ disembarking the plane while
watching ZTV news. Their ‘President’ now
travels to the east every week in order to ‘die’
and ‘ressurect’. So with admiration they
watch him debarking the plane every week.
He certainly now has an adress somewhere in
the air.
What is mind boggling is the fact that
Zimbabwe is extremely rich in Natural
resources…the best arable land in Africa,
plenty of minerals including diamonds,
platinum and gold. Zimbabwe’s flora and
fauna is breathtaking.
Yet we are stuck in a rut, led by a delusional
gang of terrorists who are clueless. Two things
this gang has successfully done is looting the
resources of the country and creating a debt
we are going to service after they are gone.
Yes they are going.
Recently, the leader of the gang revealed that
the country lost US$15 billion diamond
revenue obviously through the corruption he
has bred and nurtured in his minions.
Zimbabwe is ranked as one of the most
corrupt countries in the world. Zimbabwe’s
annual budget is approximately US$4 billion.
US$15 billion is enough to sustain the country
for almost 4 years. Zimbabwe’s national debt
is officially estimated to be US$10 billion.
Other authorities posit that it’s now
approximately US$30 billion.
As a result of draconian policies implemented
by this gang of terrorists who are destroying
Zimbabwe, most companies were forced to
shut down. The industrial utilisation capacity
has plummeted to 1950 levels and it is
currently at 15%. Zimbabwe imports 80% of
its food needs. About 5 million Zimbabweans
are in need of food aid. It is estimated that a
million of kids go to school hungry.
Most of us take selfies while on the plane
traveling to other countries. It really feels
special and as though it’s an achievement but
it’s not. I am all for exposure but truth be
said, most Zimbabweans travel not because
they want to get exposure but because they
are forced to.
Zimbabweans are forced to travel to other
countries in search of better things they are
denied in their own country. More than 95%
of Zimbabweans who are scattered all over
the world want to return home. I have
travelled far and wide but i do not ever wish
to make any other nation my home.
The unemployment rate is over 90%. It is
therefore not surprising that 3 million
Zimbabweans are in the diaspora. Business
persons travel to other countries to import
things such as tooth picks and clothes. That’s
nothing to brag about. It’s a manifestation of
My children will not have to travel to other
countries to experience excellence. They will
experience it in Zimbabwe. We can, we will
and we must fix Zimbabwe.
A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our
lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.