I picked up my niece Beth and drove to the baseball game in Cleveland for her 18th birthday present. She turned 18 a few weeks ago and this was the 1st time we could sneak off together. We lived in Pennsylvania and we’re both avid Yankee fans and decided to play hooky and go watch the game and have some fun. I’m married so I had to lie to my wife and tell her I was going to the game with a friend and we were going to sleep overnight. I didn’t want my wife to know I was going to spend time overnight with our niece in another city; she would have not allowed it. My niece was a big Yankee fan and wanted to go see them in the worst way and also wanted to party with her Uncle Jim. She’s always been naive and didn’t think there was anything wrong with staying in the same room with her uncle. I told Beth not to tell anybody about our trip because they might get mad, especially her aunt so she agreed to keep quiet about it. My plan was to get her drunk and then try to fuck her.

I always thought my niece Beth was hot and was curious to see what would happen when we spent the night together in the same room after partying all day long. She had big tits, a great body and was very pretty. She liked to flirt and was a lot of fun. She had been trying to get me out drinking with her for a while now but I always turned her down because I thought it was wrong for an uncle to be out drinking with his niece. I changed my mind about this when I witnessed my wife having sex with my nephew (see Forcing Aunt Lisa) who happens to be the twin of Beth. I decided I wanted the same thing my wife was getting, hot inappropriate sex with a younger relative and now that Beth was legal, I was going to give it the good old college try……….Continue Reading This Story On The Next Page……… Simply Go Below This Page CLICK>>>2

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