1. The application challenging his placement on remand dismissed. The court ruled that the threshold for the placement on remand is very low and that the mere assertion by the police that he connived with Tajamuka to burn a police car and a ZBC car were adequate to have him placed on remand. This is notwithstanding the defence on his warned and cautioned statement that he was at a conference hosted by SAPES Trust on the day in question.

2. The court declined to hear the application for bail on the grounds that there was not enough time for the application to be heard. Let’s keep pushing and peacefully protesting against his continued detention.

3. Let’s not forget the 70 ptotestors from yesterday who were charged and have been arraigned before the courts. It’s a matter of regret that those who called for yesterday’s demonstration showed no solidarity with these men and women. Included in this group is a pregnant woman, an old lady above 70 and an old man above 70. Many were limping into court and had not eaten since yesterday