With each passing day Zimbabwe draws
closer to watershed 2018 elections. There
have been several calls from all quarters
that there is need for a third force to save
the nation from what seems like an
inevitable catastrophe.
The three main players in the race Zanu-
PF, MDC-T and ZimPF are weary bulls who
unfortunately have nothing new to offer to
the electorate. All the three parties’
leaders have walked in the corridors of
power before and did not do much to make
the lives of ordinary people better.
In fact the front runners, Robert Mugabe,
Joice Mujuru and Morgan Tsvangirayi were
top partners in a coalition Government
that despite bringing economic hope failed
to retain the same by making sound policies
and reforms that could have nurtured
sustainable growth.
The power struggles in these three parties
are testimony of the leaders’ poor
leadership qualities.
What Zimbabwe needs right now is a leader
of repute, with principles who can turn
lemons into lemonade.
A person of integrity, and unquestionable
That said, there is a general feeling,
expressed through various platforms like
the social media, that there is need to
pump in new blood in the echelons of power
outside the ruling and opposition parties.
Mid-year renowned prophet Emmanuel
Makandiwa claimed the next president is
staying out of Zimbabwe heightening
speculation who could it could be.
Names have been thrown around and
businessman Strive Masiyiwa has featured
prominently in the debates.
Masiyiwa left Zimbabwe in 2004, citing
political persecution. He is not the only
one, many other business leaders pressed
the emergency exit button with the same
But it is Masiyiwa’s ability to keep his
Econet business afloat and grow in his
absence that has made him a darling of
many, who have in turn pinned their hopes
in his hands for rebuilding the country.
Masiyiwa himself has shied away from
politics, choosing his words wisely to show
discontent in the way government is
running the show.
However, his interest in politics of the day
cannot be ruled out as he has played a
pivotal role in keeping things well in
Only last week, business mogul with ties to
top government officials, Phillip Chiyangwa
made sensational claims that Masiyiwa was
the government’s “lender of last resort”
who has saved the government from being
This is a clear sign of patriotism on his
part. Rescuing people who chased him
Masiyiwa now needs to make the bold
decision of not only saving his country but
also serve it.
Of course one would argue that he has, in
more ways than one, served his country,
but it seems like there is so much more he
can do if he was thrust in position of
His leadership skills are critical for a
strong foundation for a resurgent nation.
Not only does Masiyiwa command support
from Zimbabweans but he also has the
international appeal.
He is affable.
What he may not have is a political party,
but with the people carrying him on their
shoulders he would surely march into The
Promised Land.
There is no prize for guessing that the
road would not be easy considering the
carnivore political players at the present
But the teary political situation in
Zimbabwe cannot be ignored so can’t the
fact that there is need for a leader that
people can stand with.
Zanu-PF is engulfed in succession fights
with First Lady Grace Mugabe and her G40
team throwing spanners in Vice President
Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascendency works.
MDC-T and ZimPF are also riding chaotic,
rocky waters as supporters and senior
members are shuttling between the two
opposition parties.
The situation does not promise light at the
end of the tunnel and hence the calls for a
third force.
Masiyiwa could do well by biting the bullet
and be the savior that the nation has been
waiting for.
If not, then he can at least use his
influence and resources to encourage and
mobilize people living in and outside
Zimbabwe to register and vote, because
voter apathy in 2018 is going to make the
political situation worse.
And it is not too late for Strive Masiyiwa
to save and serve his country.