Periods are a perfectly normal part of being a woman and they are nothing to be concerned or ashamed about. However, they can sometimes be painful and heavy, affecting your mood and interrupting regular life on a monthly basis. A lot of women would simply be happy to wave goodbye to their periods for good, particularly when they are with a partner and want to have sexx. Unfortunately, however, there is no way to stop a period once it is already underway. Luckily, for those wondering how to stop your period to have sexx, there are many effective and safe methods for delaying your period that have no negative side effects and do not affect your fertility. Alternatively, you could also have sexx while on your period, as long as you take certain precautions and discuss any potential issues with your partner. Read on and find out exactly how.

How to Delay Your Period to Have Sexx

For those who want to know how to stop your period to have sexx, there are a number of ways that have been tried for quite some time and are supposed to delay your period by a couple of days so that you can engage in sexval activities without the hassle of having your period. One such way is by taklng 800-1000 mg of ibvprofen continuously every four to six hours, as long as you start taking it at least a day in advance of the arrival date of your period. Another option is by eating plenty of lemons, again one day in advance. However, these options are not actually proven to help delay your period, but are just rumored to help. There are some other, more helpful ways of delaying your period that are commonly used, although they are not absolutely guaranteed to affect all women the same. These methods include:….SEE MORE on the next page,Go Below Click>>>2