PICS: Soshanguve bride caught having SE_X with ex boyfriend on wedding day!

soshanguve bride1

There was real life drama in the usually dormant Township of Soshanguve, situated about 25 km north of Pretoria, Gauteng, when a bride was busted bon_nking her ex boyfriend on her wedding day over the weekend.

The tryst between the two lovebirds who probably wanted to finish their ‘unfinished business’ was intercepted by two bridemaids who are said to be related to the groom. The duo had somehow managed to retreat to an uncompleted building discreetly for a quickie as the marital event progressed.

The two bridesmaids could not stomach the sight of their relative being played on, blew the whistle, but not before taking a few pictures of the two for ‘evidence’.

In no time everyone at the venue was up to speed with the embarrassing development and the situation degenerated into a serious ruckus as angry guests, mainly from the groom side, took turns to thoroughly bash the bride’s lover. The wedding was called off promptly much to the chagrin of gatecrashers who had been anticipating to have a good fill of the wonderful food that had been prepared for the ceremony.

While we could not get a comment from the disgraced lovebirds, we managed to chat for a few moments to the heartbroken groom(name withheld) who was beyond himself with intense sorrow. “My brother, I had my whole life planned and now everything is gone, just like that. I just wish I would die, I loved this girl and I spent all my savings on this wedding. What a waste…. I don’t know what I wronged her for her to see it fit to devastate and humiliate me like this. I will kill those two if I lay my hands on them I swear..” he charged.