Shut Down: Tajamuka Speaks

On yesterday’s shut down:

Tajamuka and other social movements would like to applaud the people of Zimbabwe particularly those who stayed at home against a background of heavy police and army presence. This show of power and conviction cannot be underestimated especially where ordinary citizens toil and moil on daily
basis to irk a living in a country marked by poverty ,

political instability,
raptured social fabric and a comatose economy.

We salute all men and women, the young and the old, for having taken this authoritarian regime head on. We are proud of ourselves that today against all odds we stood against this regime and even in our numbers sent out a clear message that enough is enough and that the Mugabe and Zanu pf
government should call it quit and pave way for a smooth democratic transition and transfer of power. This struggle is about us and the future generation.

As at 11am today about 75% of businesses in Harare were closed with downtown Harare recording a 100% shutdown compliance. In Bulawayo
it was 100% shutdown compliance till noon. There was heavy police presence in high density suburbs particularly in Glen Norah, Dzivarasekwa, Hatcliff,
Epworth and Mufakose. Some clashes between the police and residents were
recorded in Mufakose and Glen Norah. As at 3pm at least 4 people had been
arrested in Harare while 3 including journalist Crispen Ndlovu were said to
have been picked up by the police in Bulawayo and are currently held at the
Bulawayo Central Police station. As at 4pm most businesses in Harare stated
that they had not enjoyed brisk business as experienced previously and linked
this to the shutdown.

We salute you.

We condemn in the strongest of terms statements by the Permanent secretary in the Ministry of information and publicity and Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba. His sentiments that incite the security forces to pounce on citizens heavily are regrettable and must be condemned. We call upon the Human rights Commission to censure Mr Charamba and investigate his conduct. We implore Mr Charamba to respect the constitution and allow citizens to demonstrate peacefully as enshrined in our constitution.

We applaud this show of strength and urge Zimbabweans to be resolute and fight against this regime. We still do not have jobs, we still do not want bond notes, we want clean water, we say no to police brutality, no to dictatorship and no to corruption. We want a clean and decisive leadership.
President Robert Mugabe must either step down or pave way for a transitional authority that will put in place electoral reforms in preparation for free and fair elections.

We urge Zimbabweans to join the National Electoral reform Agenda (NERA) national demonstration on Friday, the 2nd of September 2016 and send a message to Mr Robert  mugabe