School closed as Juju Baboon
B0NKS lady Teachers EVERY

TEACHERS at Siyangaya Primary School in
Tsholotsho last week fled from the
institution claiming a mysterious baboon
s*xually abuses them at night, a district
education director confirmed yesterday.
Sources at the school who cannot be named
for professional reasons said female members
of staff would wake up without their
underwear or with signs that they had sex
“One of the teachers said she woke up
towards midnight on July 10 and saw a man
with a baboon in her room. She said she
screamed and the two disappeared through a
wall” said a source.
A villager, Samson Ncube, 70, said other
teachers rushed to her room and when they
heard her story, they called for an
emergency meeting with village elders.
Ncube said the meeting was held on Saturday
July 11 and the teachers said they would not
spend another night at the school. “They
said they were being sexually abused by the
baboon. Everyone’s story came out with some
saying they had been afraid to speak out
because they weren’t sure of what was going
on,” he said.
Lessons for the 439 pupils have been
suspended as only the headmaster,
Mandlenkosi Maqeda, and two male teachers
have remained.
They said 10 female teachers fled after the
baboon, suspected to be a goblin, had been
terrorising them for a month.
Tsholotsho district education officer Kelvin
Mathe said the matter was under
He, however, declined to give details and
referred questions to the Matabeleland North
provincial education director Boithatelo
“We got a report from the school about a
troublesome baboon and we’re still
investigating,” said Mathe.
Mnguni could not be reached for comment.
According to villagers, the baboon has been
appearing at the school for the past one
month and a number of meetings have been
held at the school to try and bring a solution
to the disturbances.
“The baboon has been appearing at the
school since June and it has scared off
female teachers. The teachers first saw
strange foot prints at the school and called
villagers, who were also not familiar with the
“A few days later, one of the teachers saw
the baboon outside a classroom while she was
teaching. She rushed to call the other
teachers but the baboon disappeared. We
thought it was a petty issue until the female
teachers started telling us that the baboon
was s*xually abusing them while they were
sleeping,” said the headman, Qhelile
File PIC
He said the community was yet to come up
with a solution to the problem.
Villager Melitha Dube said it was a strange
incident that had brought fear within the
“We’ve heard reports about the baboon for
weeks now and we were called to a meeting
after most of the female teachers abandoned
the school. Unfortunately there was no clear
solution to the problem. Some villagers have,
however, suggested that we should hold
prayers while we think of a solution,” said
An elderly villager, Vusumuzi Sibanda, said he
was shocked to see the baboon spoor as he
had never seen one in the area before.
“This isn’t an area for baboons. I was born
here 72 years ago and I’ve never seen
baboons here. I strongly suspect t