Report Claims President Mugabe Colapsed Mid-Air


Reports that President Robert Mugabe collapsed mid air during his flight runs to Singapore.  President Mugabe is said to have been left paralysed and unable to talk after suffering a brain haemorrhage following his lift off from Swaziland. One source claimed he collapsed mid-air after suffering a coughing fit.

The earlier report which was verified said Mugabe needed treatment for a urinary tract infection. President Robert Mugabe Spokesman Charamba curiously dismissed that report despite the printed evidence of Mugabe’s absence.

The second report which was unverified at the time of writing said he was rushed to Singapore and then found with a brain haemorrhage while mid-air, before suffering a further bleed hours later which damaged more than half of his brain.

While it is not clear if president Robert  Mugabe is truly no more, We are at the time of writing battling to obtain the official State House response on the latest report.

Mugabe has had severals bad health rumours some which have proved true. One of them was a report that he collapsed in 2014. Soon after that leak, the Head of State came out with a stuttered speech confirming medical corroborations that he had truly suffered a stroke. Since that time, the President’s strength of speech has been woefully weak while he manifests continuous cognitive failures.