Rachael regarded herself in the mirror. This was the day she had been waiting for – her wedding. She had wanted to get married to James for so many reasons. Surprisingly, sex was one of them, even though James was a lousy lay with a tiny pencil dick. But sex with other men had been so much more fun ever since James had slid the big diamond engagement ring onto her finger. She felt so bad, and so good at the same time, whenever she felt it on her finger while another man fucked the pussy she had promised to James. She remembered the very night that James had proposed to her. She had smiled and said yes, kissed him and enjoyed the weight of the very expensive ring on her hand. And after their dinner, she had excused herself for the night, called Alan, and had him come over to her place to find her in all her naked glory, wearing only her sparkling engagement ring. She had been tantalized by the way her diamond ring looked when her hand was wrapped around Alan’s huge shaft. She was shaking with nasty lust when she held her hand over her firm round breasts, and Alan’s cum spurted all over her ring. And her very first orgasm of her engagement night, without her fiance of course, was so strong – rubbing her clit furiously while she licked Alan’s cum from her ring. She had made a ritual out of the ring licking since, and planned to do the same once a shiny wedding band joined the diamond engagement ring.

Now, she saw herself in her wedding dress in the mirror. She looked stunning, and she knew it. Rachael smiled. She thought about the fact that probably half a dozen of James’ friends and coworkers, who would be at her wedding ceremony, had plunged their cocks deeper into Rachael’s pussy than James ever could. Her pussy was tingling, and she wondered what she could do to make this day more complete and perfect, when the doorbell rang……………Continue Reading This On The Next Page…………….SIMPLY GO BELOW THIS PAGE CLICK >>>>2