Prophet Angel and Prophet
Makandiwa’s prophet Magaya ‘satanism’ exposed in
EVER wondered why nowadays there seem to be
more and more prophets in Africa? Some “men of
God” actually brag that they possess powers to
perform any type of miracle while some boast of
being the first prominent prophets to be
established in Zimbabwe and other countries in
Southern Africa.
In 2012, My Zimbabwe News rose to fame when it
became the first Zimbabwean newspaper to write
about Ghanaian traditional healer, Nana Kwaku
Bonsam who revealed that by 2012 he had given
more than 1700 African pastors some powers to
become prophets.
My Zimbabwe News Senior Editor interviewed
Nana Kwaku Bonsam in that same year and he
CONFIRMED that he had indeed turned over 1700
pastors into prophets. More shocking was his
revelation that some of the prophets from
Zimbabwe actually got their powers from him.
He however refused to name and shame the
prophets as he said that would be against his
promise to his ‘clients’. In that same interview
which My Zimbabwe News had with the feared
Ghanaian fetish priest, he also explained to us
how one can become a prophet if he wants. He
even asked our senior editor if he wishes to
become one.
“You must come to Ghana to one of my shrines and
the money that I tell you to bring. I will give you
either a ring or a bible and that is where your
prophetic powers will be vested on,” Nana Kwaku
Bonsam told My Zimbabwe News in an interview
and added that he was the first to produce
miracle money when he turned a newspaper into
money in 2011.
Now another Zimbabwean news website, The
telescope has reported that the cat is now out of
the bag. Leading Zimbabwean prophets, Uebert
Angel of Spirit Embassy, and his ‘brother’
Emmanuel Makandiwa, of United Family
International Church (UFIC), have been exposed
as devil worshipers.
The revelations have been disclosed by Pastor
Lawrence Ajoba, who runs a church here, which
also has branches in Europe and America.
Ajoba alleges that Angel and Makandiwa have
made blood sacrifices for fame and fortune, and
have directly received occultic powers from fetish
priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam.
The Telescope News, has made an interview with
Ajoba, who opens up on his attempts to meet
President Robert Mugabe, to convince him to
arrest the duo and ban their churches, set to be
published in full on 23 February, as the final part
of our interview with him will be carried over the
Ajoba lays out in detail, the voodoo he accuses
Angel and Makandiwa of using to fool
Zimbabweans, who are known as a God fearing
Angel has since fled to the United Kingdom, after
a warrant of arrest was issued against him in
connection with $300 000 car fraud, while
Makandiwa is reported to be preparing to also
skip Zimbabwe before trouble catches up with