Presidential spokesperson George
Charamba speaks on Mugabe’s
Nathaniel Manheru, believed to be President
Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba says his
boss had a prior arrangement in Dubai.
He wrote : “It turns out this week’s Sadc fixture
clashed with a prior official trip to United Arab
Emirates (UAE), or what the oppositional local
media reduce to Dubai, all in the hope of
contriving unsavoury connotations.
The President flew to Swaziland for the crucial
first day of the Sadc Summit and then came back,
to leave the country the same day for UAE.
Expectedly, the oppositional media indulged in
habitual self-excitation which is no longer news
to anyone anymore: Mugabe had been taken
gravely ill and had been evacuated to Singapore!
Pseudo-scientific flight data was thrown in to
anchor a make-believe story they are so wont to
playing repeatedly. Real hilarity came from
comments attributed to the loquacious Obert Gutu
and Jacob Mafume of MDC-T and PDP,
respectively. Prefacing their remarks by a phoney
show of pity — needless in this case — they
decried an “ailing” President who clings on to
power, instead of “going to rest and allow the
nation to move forward in capable hands”, to
quote from the indefatigably thoughtless Gutu,
Madyira vanoda kutova dzavamwe dzavo
dzichimera muchenje!
In Shona we have what we call “kurova
bembera”. It is a well-known literary device
from our oral past by which the skills of dawn
incantation laced with anger and sarcasm are
harnessed to shame and lash out at a village
witch after the death of yet another child. Or
simply to expose an evil deed, but without
pointing a finger at a culprit who is already
Something like: “Harinyari, miromo yakapapa
kunge matindindi ari papfihwa/ Basa kudya vana
vangu/ Munhu wepi asingatengi kana kuyanika
machira?/ Zvino ndinoda kuzviona rwendo runo/
Ndinokurovera chipikiri panhongonya chaipo/
Zvaunoti kutsvuka sekusure kwehovo.”
Getting back to my two political sparring
partners — Gutu and Mafume — they know, or
should know, as lawyers that President Mugabe is
enjoying an elective tenure. He was not young
when he presented himself as a candidate in 2013.
Still the people of Zimbabwe voted for him
overwhelmingly, itself a sore indictment on the
candidature of their own principals.