President Robert Mugabe unleash
the notorious ‘Green bombers’
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s
regime is set to unleash the notorious ‘Green
Bombers’ who have in the past caused untold
suffering on the people of Zimbabwe, raping,
maiming and murdering them. The havoc
posed by the militia in whole communities as
they burnt homes in terror campaigns,
displaced thousands of opposition supporters
is unimaginable, with many still to heal from
the trauma caused.
Below is a disheartening report to the
The State Media Reports: National Youth
Service (NYS) graduates are geared to respond
to the activities of opposition protestors who
have been causing a commotion in the
principal cities of the country.
Zanu-PF National Youth Service Secretary
General, Cde Kudakwashe Ndavara said the
shadowy groups have been sending
unsolicited text messages, e-mails and posting
subversive messages on social networking
sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp in the
hope of getting Zimbabwean citizens to
engage in demonstrations.
“We have geared up and are fully prepared to
deal with those protestors who are up to
destroying our country. We voted for
President Mugabe in 2013, and no outsider
has the power to remove him at any time
before we hold our next election in 2018. We
won’t watch while these American driven
groups vandalise our country.
“We are fully aware that some neighbouring
countries are busy sponsoring and training
our youths to come and fight our President.
However, we have a database of the culprits
being trained, their names and the numbers
of those who have been trained so far,” said
Cde Ndavara.
Cde Ndavara said they have identified most of
those recruited people as deserters from the
police force and army, who he said are
training in some neighbouring countries.
“Youths are being sponsored by opposition
parties to engage in the nonsensical activities
which have recently been going on. It is
foolish of a Zimbabwean to be greedy so as to
be paid by a foreigner to vandalise and
destroy their own home (s). Is a payment of $5
worth it? Furthermore, the unfortunate ones
were sentenced and will be in prison for more
than six months. I say to youths let’s be
realistic and think outside the box. The
violence and the shutdowns are just a
drawback to us,” he said.
Matabeleland North National Youth Service
Commander, Matthew Mleya, who is also Hwange
Rural District Council chairperson, said the
decision by the youths to stand up and fight for
their country was reached last week. “We have
deployed young youths all over the country and
have readied them to deal with any suspicious
persons with intentions to vandalise properties
during demonstrations. Last Friday, dressed in
our complete uniforms, we strolled around Harare
CBD, observing what was taking place, as well as
to remind the protesters that we still exist and
won’t watch our country being reduced to ashes
by little-minded fellows,” he said.
Two weeks ago, MDC-T linked groups engaged
in violent demonstrations that resulted in the
destruction of property in Harare. Two
vehicles belonging to the Zimbabwe
Broadcasting Corporation and the police were
burnt during the protests. The protesters also
destroyed shops and looted goods worth
thousands of dollars. chronicle