Pastor says he can get you into heaven for 10k

For most christians, being able to enter the kingdom of heaven when you die is the best gift one can ever get as it is only reserved for the select few who are righteous in the eyes of God. A pastor from Pietermaritzburg, however, says he can get anyone into heaven as long as they are willing to pay the price for it.

“God spoke to me and said my son, I am heavy of heart. There is so much sin going on in the world that not even one person now qualifies to enter the kingdom of heaven”, said Pastor Tony Mlambo from Baptism of Fire ministries. The pastor, however, assured his congregants that it is not all doom gloom.

“A price has to be paid, people of God. It will not be cheap because we all have sinned so much and made God angry. Each and every one of you has to come with R10 000 so that I can cleanse you of your sins and make you pure again in the eyes of our Lord. There is no other way. This is the only way otherwise you will burn in the fires of hell with Lucifer”, he said to cheers from his church members.

According to members of his congregation, the charismatic pastor said R10 000 will only get you cleansed a little bit. Just enough to get you inside the doors of heaven. If you have deep pockets, however, you can pay R30 000 for VIP and you will be guaranteed a seat next to the elders like Moses, Abraham and even Jesus himself.

“I am so happy that the pastor is doing this for us. My family and I would never have had a chance to make into heaven but thanks to him, we are all going to be sitting next to the likes of King Solomon in heaven. Praise God!!” said a businessman who had come all the way from Durban to pay for 6 VIP tickets for himself and his family