Popular urban grooves hit maker, Nox, has had his explicit pictures leaked perhaps for the umpteenth time on Facebook by a bitter girlfriend who was involved in an online scuffle with the musician’s wife.

Nox’s wife,known as Mai Gamu,posted a picture on Facebook with her husband, saying she was the one and only one.In response,the girlfriend responded ndewedu tese, which means ‘he belongs to us all’.A scuffle then ensued resulting in the unidentified woman leaking Nox’s privates on social media as a means of getting back at mai Gamu.

This is not the first time Nox has courted controversy. Sometime last year, we released a screen-muThe pictures included a disturbing picture of Nox’s junk.As per Our Editorial Policy we are not permitted to publish explicit pictures but copies of Nox’s latest mishap are currently doing rounds on Social media

Nox could not be reached for comment at the time of publication.