Zimbabweans don’t just lay claim to being African, by virtue of being simply Black,  they have a place or village of origin, chiefs, have a language, in other words have real roots and genuinely   identify with it all. Zimbabweans are  keen to wrestle back ownership of the motherland from the oppressive Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime.

USA’s D12 activists, who are generally descendants of black slaves originally, who were forcibly taken from Africa, centuries ago  and still find that they are marginalised through racism, are understandably, though not justifiably supporters of Mugabe.

Mugabe’s anti white/anti western rhetoric resonates well with their cause but, with all due respect, SLAVERY is absolutely meaningless to a Zimbabwean, as Zimbabwe was never affected by this unfortunate phase of history.

No Zimbabwean was ever forcibly removed during slavery, infact the nearest thing that Zimbabwe has had to Slavery, is reading about it in books for academic purposes or in passing, in newspapers, but nothing deeper, however Mugabe has managed to brainwash the whole world, including USA’s D12 activists who have no clue about the millions of Zimbabweans forcibly evicted from Zimbabwe by Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who monopolise wealth and power.

Therefore, while not, ignoring the suffering of people during slavery, suffice it is to say, that has nothing to do with the current situation in Zimbabwe and to an ordinary , suffering Zimbabweans, it is meaningless and definetely pales in comparison to the  real, current and ongoing suffering that the motherland Zimbabwe has endured for 36 years under Mugabe.

It is correct to say that to USA’s D12 activists , Mugabe, every time he stands on a podium and addresses dignitaries or the ordinary person, he is simply a man who has the international recognition and platform upon which he can sell the story of the descendants of slavery as the suffering of all blacks worldwide.

News flash, to all brainwashed Mugabe’s global supporters who generally can not pin point Zimbabwe on the map, Zimbabwe is a country, not a town, Africa is a continent and there is no language called African, Zimbabweans are at war with Mugabe’s evil regime and as far as the suffering millions of Zimbabweans, black, white, any race, any tribe, any colour, creed, religion or political orientation are concerned, when we are at war against oppression by our own kith and kin, you are either with the enemy or with us, …no fence sitting!

Zimbabweans have a right to freedom from Mugabe’s ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’ and if it means telling the brainwashed supporters of Mugabe to stuff their heartless opinions about our suffering, to stuff their mantra, where the sun don’t shine, be it!  NONSENSE!…. Slavery and Zimbabweans suffering have no connection whatsoever, …Mugabe must go