President Mugabe has declared that there will be no more protests in Zimbabwe, insisting that enough is enough.

He praised Zanu PF youths because he said they “managed to control yourselves in the face of real provocation by the so-called protesters who had gone about burning property, and looting, and engaging in acts of violence.

“But, of course, we can’t allow that to continue, (to have) theseviolent demonstrations unimpeded. No. Enough is enough. I would want to say we all have, all the people of Zimbabwe have, the duty and obligation to ensure that there is peace.

“It is not just we the ordinary people who should have the understanding (of the need for peace). Our courts, our justice system, our judges should be the ones who understand even better than the ordinary citizens.

“They dare not be negligent in their decisions when requests are made by people who want to demonstrate, to hold these demonstrations. In light of the violence that we had earlier on, surely they should have taken note to the fact that when permission was given four days ago, there was violence; when it was given two days ago, there was violence.

“To give permission again when they (judges) are to the full knowledge that it is going to be violent or (there is a) probability that there is going to be violence is to pay reckless disregard to the peace of this country. We hope now they have learnt a lesson, ivo majudges.”

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe’s detractors were using money to destabilise Government, adding that opposition parties calling for early elections could go hang.

“They say let’s have elections now; ko 2018 yadii? Even if you have them now, can you win? They say they want a Government of National Unity which we left. They want us to go back again and want elections. That can not be.

“We also know that the regime change agenda is a broader agenda that they are pursuing. Our enemies are using money and opposition parties to invoke internal opposition forces.