A Nigerian Prophet Austin Moses recently made
sensational prophecy that President Robert
Mugabe will die before end of 2017 and the MDC-T
led by Morgan Tsvangirai will take over the
reigns after elections are conducted.
He said God in June 2014 showed him a big tree
falling in Zimbabwe and the interpretation given
to that was that the big tree was President
The ‘man of God’ said the message from The
Almighty was that this tree will fall any time
between 2015 and end of 2017 and he saw
Zimbabweans based outside the country trooping
into enjoy the fruits of independence.
The prophet said people must never assume that
he is making the prophecy because he has interest
in Zimbabwe but must take him as a messenger
sent by God to pass the message and it was up to
God to change what he had told him.
He said he has no business, relative or deals in
Zimbabwe and does not support any party in the
country for people to think he must be pursuing
those interests but God was saying that not him.
He said after Mugabe’s death the economy will
boom and the MDC-T will be in charge to restore
the situation.