Mugabe’s Lying And
Criminal Mind

Andrew Manyevere | Africa prides in respect
of the elderly subject to the elderly taking a
deserving respectful role on people, listening
to people and taking their views into account.
Mr. Mugabe has neither been to an African
squatter camp or market place where poverty
exhibits itself with a view to learning except
when he last sought people support against
Zapu in the 1980s. The question hard to
answer is if Mr Mugabe and his surrogates
cabinet have ever had an official visit to
squatter camps apart from destroying the
camps even without alternatives for the poor
Planning has been haphazard, driven mainly
by political consideration than by the passion
of people safety or security. Haphazard
decision to give people land on areas none
designated for some other needs would be
done for political expediency. A few months
and/or one year later people investments in
housing are put at risk and they are accused
of being intransigence taking unlawful
settlements on forbidden lands. This, apart
from the force of violence, has led ordinary
people to loose respect let alone love for Zanu
and its leader Mr. Mugabe.
People, the common man in Zimbabwe had they
elsewhere to go, no doubt Zimbabwe would be
not only a failing state but a state of Zanu
cronies and surrogates only and all other
peace loving Zimbabweans having relocated.
International politics is unfair and turns a
blind eye to many suffering and innocent
people simply because states have a monopoly
on what reaches the ears of the international
This has enabled Mr. Robert Mugabe to
rubbish any claim of people abuse by even the
Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyers Association.
He has crushed masses demonstrations and
committed crimes over humanity by
accentuating people mysterious
disappearances that have beset Zimbabwe
since independence. He has caused politics of
decay and corruption and patronage to eclipse
culture of politics now solely, it would largely
apply, related to power mongering and self-

No doubt innocent citizens who are supposed
to hold views on politics to themselves and
express them at ballot boxes have experienced
duress from both government authority and
from her auxiliary agents such as the Central
Intelligence Organization (CIO) and secret
police force. The duress has taken forms of
physical beatings in the middle of the nights
for families suspected to support other
political organizations, denying food supplies
to suspects who do not carry Zanu atrocities
upon neighbours who do not attend political
rallies and many other demeaning exercises.
When Mr. Robert Mugabe denies people abuse
by state securities, he is either denied full
information assuming he demands for such
facts by his officials, or he is a liar who tells
lies with a straight face. He has of late
referred as rubbish to human rights Lawyers’
association findings with evidence through
many social media networks showing people
who are seated unarmed yet are subjected to
inhumane interrogations and beatings so they
can never volunteer to condemn Mugabe’s
police brutality publicly. We are witness to
public assault on ordinary grouping of any
areny persons without ever raise their voice
or arms to retaliate.
Zimbabwe is now ready to challenge Mr.
Mugabe to produce evidence that his
surrogates army including secret intelligence
and police force do not abuse the public. We
of the Diaspora together with those suffering
abuse at home will respond with evidence on
the ground of individuals who may never
access the media freely without government
punishment, mental and physical abuse. The
life conditions in Zimbabwe bears much
resemblance prison camps for the youth who
have no opportunities and individuals who are
politically articulate. Political fatigue has
taken over and many Zimbabweans prefer to
remain silent and anonymous than throwing
oneself to a gang of murderers who care little
about human and people rights.