Mugabe unwilling to solve
President Robert Mugabe is unwilling to address
the problems that have compelled long-suffering
Zimbabweans to take to the streets, but “rather
prepared to shed blood” to defend his 36-year
grip on power, a Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
(CIZC) report has claimed.
President Robert Mugabe
In the report, the civic organisation said history
proves that Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF will
do anything to retain power, as seen during the
“Gukurahundi massacres which claimed the lives
of over 20 000 civilians in the Midlands and
Matabeleland provinces”.
“ . . . Mugabe has shown that he is not prepared
to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis but is rather
prepared to shed blood to defend his stay in
power,” CIZC said.
The organisation said it was calling upon
regional, continental as well as international
bodies to intervene urgently and prevent further
loss of innocent lives in Zimbabwe.
“CIZC also calls upon progressive forces to unite
in creating . . . a democratic and economically
developed Zimbabwe,” it said.
The organisation blamed 92-year-old Mugabe for
the rampant rights violations being perpetrated
by State security agents and Zanu PF militia
across the country.
“CIZC notes with great concern the increase in
State-sponsored abductions and victimisation of
civic society and opposition activists over the
past months,” it said, adding that “on numerous
occasions, and in front of his . . . Zanu PF
militia . . . Mugabe has chosen to endanger the
lives of civic society and opposition activists by
castigating them and threatening to deal with
them for choosing to differ with his ideology”.
“He has done this with the full knowledge that
his party supporters are responsible for the
deaths of hundreds of opposition and civic
society activists over the years and on top of
this, they have operated with so much impunity
as their actions are meant to defend his
continued stay in power.”
CIZC further said: “We thus hold the firm view
that abductions, torture and murder of civic
society and opposition activists have the full
blessings of . . . Mugabe, who at one time
declared that he was too busy to be bothered by
the disappearance of human rights activist Itai
Dzamara, who was abducted by State security
agents in March 2015.” Daily News