Mugabe Refuses to Shake
Kasukuwere’s “Magaya
Dirty” Hand
Mugabe hesitates shaking Kasukuwere’s
“Magaya Dirty” hand
President Robert Mugabe yesterday took his
distate of controversial and murder -accused
PHD church founder Walter Magaya to another
level by hesitating to greet the preacher’s
alleged accomplice, Local Government Minister
Saviour Kasukuwere.
This was during the opening of the politburo
meeting when Kasukuwere stretched his hand
in anticipation of the President’s smile.
But Mugabe appeared unmoved and sternly
poked into Kasukuwere’s eyes as the ZANU PF
commissar forced a smile on his own. He did
not get any smiley feedback during the brief

Kasukuwere venerates Mugabe to the point of
declaring that Mugabe is Zimbabwe’s God.
The President took long moments to
reciprocate to Kasukuwere.
Not charmed, Mugabe was whisked away and
within minutes of the meeting starting
Kasukuwere was a target. He was grilled on
his relationship with Magaya.
Ko nyaya yevakomana yemastands iri kufamba
sei?” Mugabe asked before the start of the
Politburo meeting.
“Ndakanzwa kuti mastands makatengesa,
makatengesera ananaMagaya.”
Minister Kasukuwere responded: “No shefu.
Vakanga vashaya zvekunyora. There is
nothing like that. I am the responsible
Minister and hakuna zvakadaro zvakaitika.”
Not convinced, President Mugabe retorted:
“No, No, ndiri kunzwa kuti land
yakatengeserwa ananaMagaya. Makatengesa,