Mugabe Is God He’ll
Never Die”, Says
Kasukuwere, Mphoko

ZANU PF Commissar and Local Govt Minister,
Saviour Kasukuwere says Robert Mugabe is
“Our God,” a statement that has sparked a
long standing community outrage.
“There is only one Zanu PF and it is the one
which is led by our god, President Robert
Mugabe,” he said while attacking opposition
leader, Joice Mujuru.
“If they want their party, they should just
go ahead and form it and give it a name
which is not Zanu PF”, he continued.
Yesterday his counterpart, the Gukurahundi
massacre CIO agent, Phelekezela Mphoko also
voiced saying President Robert Mugabe is
Mphoko said those praying for Mugabe’s death
were wasting their time as Mugabe is a God-
given leader who will step down or die only at
God’s will.
Mphoko said he was shocked that there are
people calling themselves Christians who have
the audacity to pray for Mugabe to die.
“I hear that there are people who are fasting
for 40 days, praying to God for the President
to die. What these people don’t know is that
President Mugabe was chosen by God before
he was appointed by the people,” said Mphoko
as he addressed residents of Njube suburb
before handing over 2,500 day-old chicks as
part of the poultry project he launched in
June to help uplift the lives of ordinary
“I’m wondering what kind of churches and
what kind of people would kneel down and
pray for someone’s death. The President was
created by God in your absence but you have
the nerve to ask God to destroy that person
yet God has a purpose for him. What has
gotten into us?”
He said if such individuals knew their roles as
Christians, they would be praying for peace,
their leaders and even their enemies. “That’s
what the Bible says – pray for peace, your
leaders and even your enemies. When God
brings us on earth, we all have prophecies
attached to our lives.
“President Mugabe was born on the 21st and
if you read Psalms 21 it says I’ll give you a
crown of leadership and long life. That’s
President Mugabe’s prophecy from God. Those
who’re against the prophecy are wasting
their time by fasting and praying for his
death,” said Mphoko.
Mphoko said people must shun tribalism.
“I’ve told people before that the Constitution
says this country was fought for by Zapu and
Zanu. This therefore means that the
President is not a MuZezuru but a leader of
this country, Emmerson Mnangagwa is not a
MuKaranga but a leader of this country and
I’m not a Ndebele but a leader of this
country. Let’s work in unity to bring
development to this country,” said Mphoko.
He warned Zanu-PF members against fighting
for leadership positions. He said party
members should not lose focus by
concentrating on the wrong things, but they
must be content with their roles and work for
the people that they serve.
“People get carried away and start thinking
that they are better than others or they are
above their leaders. Such thinking creates
problems for us,” said Mphoko.