Mugabe: I did not marry Grace because of love

Zimbabwe President  Robert Mugabe with his wife Grace Mugabe celebrates his re-election unopposed as the leader of Zanu PF for the next five years during the closing day of the 6th Peoples Congress of Zanu PF in Harare on December 6, 2014. Zimbabwe's ruling party on Saturday wrapped up a key congress once again anointing veteran President Robert Mugabe as party leader and putting his wife Grace on a path to follow him into power. The congress elected his wife 49-year-old Grace to head the party's powerful women's wing, which would put her higher among the contenders to succeed Mugabe. AFP PHOTO/JEKESAI NIJIKIZAMA        (Photo credit should read JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images).Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe has
revealed that he did not marry his wife, Grace,
because of love.
According to, President
Mugabe said he married his wife not for love but
because of his mother’s pressures. He said his
mother wanted him to marry Grace so he could
have children after his first wife, Sally, went
down with a kidney ailment.
“The doctors said your wife cannot bear children
anymore because of the kidney ailment . . . So,
to my mother, she will say, ‘My child, you will
grow old without a child.’ Aah! And she was
telling others and my uncles – ‘Ko iye Robert
kana akangowana zvake musikana waanotora,
kuti ndingowana mwana wandinobata ndisati
“So, there was that impulsion too on the side of
my mother. So after the death of Sally, I decided
to marry. I just made up my mind. I married this
girl. It was a definite choice. It was not
something just out of fancy or emotion, but a
definite decision that I must marry and the girl I
must marry is this. “As I say, she was very
young, and I wondered whether me, so many
years older than she, would be able to put up
with this young girl. I think she must have had
the same problem in her own mind. As young as
she was, would she be able to put up with this
man in his seventies. But we got married and got
to learn each other’s likes and dislikes,” said
The long time president of Zimbabwe got married
to his wife, Grace, 50, in 1996. They have 5
children together. Recently, Robert Mugabe, who
is often in the center of controversy publicly
proposed marriage to the US President Barrack
Obama to make mockery of the legalization of gay
marriage in the USA.