Mugabe cheating
Mnangagwa—War vets


The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans
Association (ZNLWVA) has warned Vice President
Emmerson Mnangagwa not to trust his boss,
President Robert Mugabe for his recent
statements professing support for him.
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans
Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson, Douglas
Mugabe and his wife, Grace, spoke at a recent
meeting of the women’s wing that she heads,
and assured Mnangagwa of their support.
Mugabe said they had come a long way together
while Grace denied reports that the women’s
league wanted him removed and replaced by a
The war veterans who have publicly supported
Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe before
the 2018 general elections, however, are seeing
it differently.
Douglas Mahiya, the ZNLWVA information and
publicity secretary, said the Mugabe family had
not changed and just wanted to give Mnangagwa
a false sense of security.
The two took no action in the recent past when
prominent women’s league members publicly
attacked Mnangagwa and accused him of leading
a Zanu PF faction plotting to wrest power from
“Nothing has changed. If anything, they want
to push him into a false sense of security before
striking when least expected,” Mahiya said.
“Experience tells us that the enemy is most
lethal at times like these. Publicly they are
making pronouncements that seem to indicate
the war is over, but, in fact, they are preparing
for a final devastating assault to deliver the
killer blow,’ said Mahiya.
He cautioned against believing the respective
Zanu PF chairpersons who are now claiming
support for Mnangagwa, yet they were imposed
by a rival faction, the Generation 40 (G40).
“It’s a decoy because the same chairpersons owe
their allegiance to the same group that wants
Mnangagwa removed. They will stampede to
applaud anything their masters will say.
“We are aware that the plan is a naked assault
on anyone who is a war veteran or connected to
the war. Mnangagwa is just a microcosm of the
war veterans’ fraternity, the same fighters who
delivered victory, only now to be rejected by
their leader,” said Mahiya.
Mnangagwa reportedly enjoys the support of the
generals in addition to the war veterans and his
sympathisers are united against Grace and the
G40 outfit that she is said to be fronting.
Both Grace and G40 have in the past publicly
attacked the generals and the war vets who are
seen as representing the values of the liberation
struggle that brought independence to Zimbabwe
in 1980.
ZNLWVA secretary general, Victor Matemadanda,
has already poured called water on Grace and
Mugabe for their Damascene statements relating
to Mnangagwa, saying they must walk their talk.