Mtukudzi is like Mandela’

PROMINENT music critic and academic Fred
Zindi went into overdrive praising musician
Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi at his album launch
last week to the extent of likening him to
South Africa’s first black president and
Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela.
Zindi, who was the guest of honour at Tuku
or simply Samanyanga’s strictly by invitation
65th studio album Eheka! Nhai Yahwe launch
held at the artiste’s Pakare Paye Arts
Centre in Norton last week, equated the
regional Goodwill ambassador for Unicef to
the late South African president.
“Tuku, just like Mandela, does not know how
important he is, not only is Zimbabwe, but
the world over.
“Mtukudzi is just like Mandela. They are both
international icons and Tuku is the most
humble artiste I have known in my entire
life. He is my hero,” Zindi said.
Mandela, an anti-apartheid revolutionary,
politician, and philanthropist, who served as
President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999,
was viewed as the most humble but
influential person.
He was regarded as a selfless individual who
spent close to three decades behind bars at
the infamous Robben Island for political
reasons but embraced reconciliation and was
prepared to pass on the baton to another
president, Thabo Mbeki.
“One day, Mandela was walking with his
daughter and they met a woman who cried
after greeting him. He asked the reason why
she was crying and his daughter replied to
him saying you are asking the lady because
you do not know how important you are.
“Here, no artiste has matched Tuku’s
standards but he has remained humble despite
achievements he made locally and
internationally as an artiste,” he said.
Unlike some young artistes who ride on the
instant fame they would have made to the
extent of becoming big-headed, Tuku —
despite his status in showbiz — still has a
chance to interact with his legion of fans
and even collaborate with upcoming musicians
who still struggle to make a name in the
music industry.
With over 60 albums under his name, Tuku
has established his influence not only in the
country but on the entire globe at large.
He has seen it all in the industry and he is
now concentrating on passing the skill to
youngsters through his multi-million dollar
Pakare Paye Arts Centre situated 40km
outside Harare as well as sharing the stage
and collaborating with youngsters.
Mtukudzi’s publicist and band manager Sam
Mataure told the WeekendPost that Tuku
wishes every local artiste to be a superstar
like him.
“Mdhara struggled to be where he is today
and, as a result, he feels obliged to assist
everyone in the showbiz industry.
“He also has a soft spot for young artistes
such as Gary Tight, Tryson Chimbetu and Ex
Q among others as he knows that they are
legends of tomorrow,” said Mataure.
Source-Weekend Post