Mphoko shop looted as protesters burn down police, ZBC cars

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko was on Wednesday a casualty of angry protesters who burnt down a Choppies superm

police car set on fire - mdc demoMphoko is a major shareholder in the retail group.

Charity Charamba, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson, confirmed the looting of Choppies.

“They (rioters) went on a rampage and looted from shops including Choppies, vendors and burnt two trucks belonging to the police and ZBC. They also destroyed a police base and stoned several cars in the city.

“We have already identified some of the culprits and we are looking for them. The conveners will also be arrested for inciting violence,” said Charamba.

police car set on fire during mdc demo 2Choppies managing director, Sigokoqela Mphoko, said the retail branch suffered damages.

“They broke two till points and two computers. They also looted alcohol and destroyed stock. A woman who was also shopping was beaten up. The total value is more than $12, 000,” he the managing director.

“As you know, we have a partnership with Botswana and what we are doing is to create jobs. People are also coming in to invest in the country and for this to happen, it’s a sad thing,” he added.

Car belonging to the state broadcaster ZBC set on fire
Car belonging to the state broadcaster ZBC set on fire