MMM founder’s s@x tape leaks

An x-rated tape featuring the brains behind
MMM, Sergey Mavrodi , is doing rounds on
social media. The five minute long grainy
tape shows the multi billionaire in the
company of an unidentified big bossomed lady
in a room.
Sergey is no stranger to controversy
following his numerous brushes with the law
and links to pyramid schemes, but this is the
first time that the private man has been
embroidered in such a scandal.
The video also seems to have been taken
using a hidden camera and the two
participants can be heard speaking in
Russian. An embarrassed Sergey also
revealed that he froze all MMM accounts last
year to pay off the woman who was
blackmailing her.
When approached for comment, Sergey said
: “I hope the millions of MMM followers can
accept my apology. This is someone that I
loved, that I trusted, that meant the world
to me, that I feel deeply betrayed by,” he
said. “I am sure that everyone knows what
it feels like to be blackmailed. I am a victim
He also said he had been warned by friends
beforehand that it could surface.
“That’s something I regret. I mean of
course I regret it, wouldn’t you?” he told
LiveMonitor. “She used me because she knows
I had all the MMM money with me.”
He however refused to reveal who the woman
in the video is but those close to him say it is
his childhood sweetheart.