Mliswa: Joice Mujuru

does not have

enough support for


Temba Mliswa, Norton’s newly-elected

Member of Parliament has hit the ground

running, literally.

After telling reporters in Harare yesterday

that he was now going for Mugabe’s

head, Mliswa, has also shown his disdain for

Joice Mujuru and her political party,

Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF).

While fully supporting veteran opposition

MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, to lead the

assault on Mugabe and Zanu PF in 2018,

Mliswa declared that former deputy president,

Joice Mujuru, was unfit to lead any coalition;

“She had a history of betraying her own,” said


Mliswa, who romped to victory after thumping

Zanu PF’s Ronald Chindedza in a by-election

held at the weekend, described Tsvangirai as

a “tried and tested brand”, adding Mujuru

was yet to show her mettle in the political

numbers’ game.

“Mujuru cannot lead the coalition simply

because she has no following like Tsvangirai.

But more importantly, she has a history of

betraying her own and has no spine to protect

her supporters. Mujuru has no following, she

was never voted at Zanu PF congresses, but

handpicked by President Robert Mugabe.

Don’t count the votes she is said to have

garnered as MP because those are Zanu PF

votes which will not help us come 2018,” he


Mliswa’s remarks come at a time when there

is tension between Mujuru and Tsvangirai as

they both hope to lead the envisaged coalition.

Yesterday, a top ZimPF official was quoted as

saying Tsvangirai was uneducated and

therefore not fit to lead the coalition.