Men with foreskins will be

deported to Zimbabwe from

2017 onwards, reveals Minister

of home affairs


Speaking to the press on Tuesday morning,

Minister of home affairs Mr Malusi

Gigaba revealed that the department of home

affairs has decided to adopt a new law; which

states that “All South African men must be

circumcised, men with foreskins will be deported

to our neighboring country, Zimbabwe. ”

“After fours weeks behind closed doors, we have

finally come to a conclusion. South Africa can no

longer tolerate men with foreskins. The

department will no longer only use ID’s to

identify it’s official citizens, we need a backing

method. We have therefore decided to use

circumcision as a backing method. From next year

onwards, a man must have an ID book and be

circumcised, else he will be deported. We have

spoken to President Mugabe about this, he is

willing to take them in as slaves.” revealed

Minister Gigaba.

Minister Gigaba encouraged all South African men

to get their act straight, get circumcised and get

their papers in order if they want to continue

being citizens of Mzansi.

“We are doing this to encourage men to get

circumcised.” he said.