PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is likely to be in the
spotlight again during this year’s United Nations
General Assembly (UNGA) in New York as
opposition supporters converge at the UN grounds
in week-long protests against his government.
Supporters of Morgan Tsvangirai and followers of
#ThisFlag movement will from this Saturday until
Thursday next week hold daily protests demanding
that Mugabe address Zimbabwe’s economic crisis
and outrages against citizens by his government.
“(The protests are meant) to register our
extreme outrage at the socio-political and
economic injustices perpetrated against
Zimbabwe citizens by a dispassionate Zanu PF
regime,” Marias Shumba, MDC USA Provincial
Information and Publicity Secretary in a
statement released yesterday.
The protests come after countless similar in-
country demonstrations staged over the past
three months and saw hundreds of Zimbabweans
either brutally treated at the hands of state
agents or hauled before the courts.
Worried about the demonstrations degenerating
into country-wide chaos, Mugabe was forced to
publicly warn protestors that his patience was
running-out and eventually seek to ban the
He also blasted the judiciary system for rejecting
attempts by the State to ban demonstrations.
Among the UN protestors demands are that
Mugabe release all political prisoners, stop
abductions, torture, partisan distribution of food
aid, using security forces during elections and
The protestors will also demand that the Zanu PF
government implement electoral reforms,
establish a biometric register and an independent
electoral body before the next elections, deliver
justice to victims of political violence as well as
extend voting rights to prisoners and people in
the diaspora.
“Finally the MDC USA external assembly wants to
make it clear that our demands are non-
negotiable and that Robert Gabriel Mugabe and
his corrupt and purchasable minions can ignore
our demands at their own peril,” Shumba said.
Mugabe has previously escaped UN censure due to
support of China and Russia who have, in the
past, vetoed any action against the Zanu PF
leader’s “misrule”.
Shumba said it remains the hope of Zimbabweans
in the diaspora that such international
organisations intervene to stop human rights
violations including the disappearance of political
activist Itai Dzamara over a year ago.
“We call upon the United Nations to set up a
commission of inquiry that will look into the
events and circumstances that led to the forcible
disappearance of Dzamara.
“We urge the International Criminal Court to
investigate and indict individuals in the Zanu PF
government for crimes against humanity,” he