MDC MP, Uses Robert Mugabe’s
Parking Space, Arrested

There was drama on Thursday when a lawmaker
from the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC-T) parked close to the
Munhumutapa government offices where President
Robert Mugabe works from and immediately got
arrested by Central intelligence Organisation
(CIO) operatives.
President Robert Mugabe reporting for duty at
his Munhumutapa offices
According to an online news report, Eric Murai,
the MDC-T legislator for Highfield West, boldly
parked his car directly opposite the Munhumutapa
main gate which Mugabe uses and headed for the
High Court on the other side of Samora Machel
He intended to attend the sentencing of the four
MDC-T members who were recently convicted for
the murder of a police officer in 2011.
He did not make it to the High Court, though,
because CIO agents quickly apprehended him and
dragged him into the Munhumutapa premises,
after which he was taken to Harare Central police
station, according to
Murai had parked his car in the far right lane of
Samora Machel Avenue.
While people can freely pass near the heavily
guarded offices, citizens have in the past been
harassed by police and intelligence officers for
stopping by or talking on their phones as they
Experiencing a car breakdown close to the
building is a nightmare for unlucky motorists who
are subjected to verbal and physical attacks.
This contrasts sharply with government offices in
other parts of the region where citizens and
residents are not subjected to harassment for
hanging around.
Mugabe moves around in a long siren-honking
motorcade that is considered the biggest in
Africa, and motorists who have disturbed the
convoy have often been assaulted or arrested.
Local laws demand that the presidential
motorcade be given precedence over all other
Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC-T secretary general
and a senior lawyer, insisted that Murai did not
break any law.
“Murai is a member of parliament and he is a
government official. He is a civil servant and has
the same privileges as judges and ministers. This
is basic knowledge.
“He is entitled to park where he parked his
vehicle. I think he will be released eventually and
I am sure he is not worried about that too.
Mugabe can torture us and brutalise us, but
change is coming,” he told