SOUTH AFRICA – Self-confessed king of sushi
Kenny Kunene on Tuesday revealed that Economic
Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema
apparently used to enjoy eating sushi off naked
women too.
Malema ate sushi off naked women with me –
Kenny Kunene
The practice of eating the Japanese raw-fish
delicacy off the bodies of women is called
nyotaimori and was controversial in 2010 when
Kunene made headlines for doing it at his ZAR
nightclub on his 40th birthday.
Malema, during his ANC Youth League days, used
to be a regular at ZAR in Sandton on the roof of
the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel.
Kunene said that, after eating his dish off
naked, beautiful models, the “economic freedom
fighter” would wash it down with 18-year-old
Johnnie Walker.
The businessman tweeted a bit of a throwback
picture of himself with the “CIC”, both of them
in white suits, as Kunene reminisced about his
first “sushi party”.
Kunene, who used to be friends with Malema
(they have since fallen out very publicly), says
that while the “son of the soil” was devouring
sushi off naked women, he also treated himself
to expensive “Ace of Spades” Champagne.
Kunene was a founder member of the EFF, along
with Malema and Floyd Shivambu, in 2013. In
2014, the Sushi King threw an expensive party
after he decided to turn his back on politics
The party at Taboo nighclub was
called Nyotaimori, and involved hundreds of
people hovering over tables where Kunene’s
models lay with only pieces of sushi covering
their private parts.
Kunene, who described it as “an experience of a
lifetime”, told The Citizen “nyotaimori is done
all the time in Japan and in many other