Makandiwa Prophesies
Important Person’s
Death and Govt Will Hide
The News for 3 days

“Govt cover up lasting up
to 3 days” –
A high profile person will die while flying in
mid air….they will hide his dead body for 3
days “because they don’t want the prophecy
to be confirmed”- Makandiwa
Today marks one year after United Family
Church founder and spiritist preacher
Emmanuel Makandiwa “prophesied” that a well
known and high profile person will soon die in
a plane shortly before officials conceal his
death for several days, the man’s followers
have begun closely watching the prediction.
Believers say the said “prophecy” will be Believers say the said “prophecy” will be
fulfilled in a few days’ time from today.ARTICLE CONTINUES  PAGE 2