A preacher last week reported his claim that
he has seen sex organs (male and female)
portrayals at Walter Magaya’s church
Steve Blomefield was guest on the ZimEye
LIVE-REPORT program last night when he was
put to task on this. The full text of his oracle

Magaya who some people believe to be a
Walter Magaya has recently built a prayer
lodge complex the centre of which is a
swimming pool, the centre of which are three
sexual symbols.
The walkway is a male organ or phallic symbol.
At one end is a circle or ring representing the
female organ and inside the symbolic female
organ is a spray of water representing sperm
being released in the female organ.
These sexual symbols are an open
manifestation of Magaya’s obsession with
sex. What God and culture have decreed to be
pure, private and holy, Magaya has perverted
into a type of HOLLYWOOD open display.
What is only to be done between a man and
woman who are united together in marriage,
becoming one flesh, Magaya is openly
flaunting for everyone to see, presumably
children as well. By making such an open
display Magaya is boasting of his adultery and
obsession with sexuality. The exclusive union
between a married man and his wife is a
picture of the holy union between Christ and
the church.
However Magaya has turned it into a
Hollywood style display. This reveals that he
has fallen from grace and is treading in holy
ground. If he does not repent God will speak
from heaven.
I also wish to warn the sincere women who go
to Magaya’s lodge to seek God that some if
you will be invited to join Magaya in his
private quarters. You will feel special and
honoured. You will feel you are in the favour
of god, but … I shall end here….”