MAGAYA: Arrest takes its toll 
He was arrested and hauled before a
magistrate for se.xually abusing one of his
followers. Prophet Walter Magaya is out on
bail and has to report to a police station.
The case is beginning to take a toll on the
popular prophet who continues to conduct
services. Despite everything his followers still
flock to his Waterfalls ministry.maga-640x381_2 maga-640x381

  • Favour

    A prophet has no honour in his own country for sure. The way Zimbabweans report and how South Africa is reportings, how different. Lord, have mercy on us.

  • Favour

    A lot of things are now beginning to make sense. He-ee Prophet Magaya facing rape charges, this and that. Is that all about the housing project? (nyamba inyaya ye housing project yashungurudza vanhu). The way you people can hardly go a day without mentioning his name testifies that this man is a Heroe.

    I have learnt that in the prophetic ministry every thing that takes place is prophetic. I saw people preparing banners and t-shirts written “Our Dad, our HEROE” a couple of months ago. It did not make sense then. Hear me people! Prophet W Magaya is indeed a heroe. The level of attacks says it all.

    Thank you Mafaro for helping our father reach his heroic status as you publish negative stories about him daily. Higher promotion is awaiting him. The word of God says in Isaiah 59 v 19 “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him”. Indeed the enemy is really after the man of God’s throat but behold, the man of God is moving from glory to glory. My Jesus!!! Mafaro, please help me celebrate this heroe, God has given to Zimbabwe as a nation. I am challenging you all to do just 2% of what the man of God is doing, just 2%. God brings about someone who is not a politician kuzovhara maburi amatadza kuvhara instead of appreciating him, you persecute him.

    Touch not the anointed of God munokuvara! Aizve! Vhunza zvikomana zvakangoseka kuseka koga mhanza ya Elisha. Kudenga kuna Mwari ano rarama, asingarare hope,munokuvara!

    2 Kings 2 v 23-24 “Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!” When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.”~~