Macheso is my father : Jonas
ORCHESTRA Mberikwazvo chanter Jonas Kasamba
has described his boss, Alick Macheso, as his
“father” who he looks up to for advice and has
come a long way “fending” for him.
Kasamba who, a few years ago, deserted his
“father” to form Extra Kwazvose together with
talented choreographer, Franco “Slomo” Dhaka
and Obert Gomba says he regrets having ever left
He said Orchestra Mberikwazvo is always his home
and Macheso, like a father understands that
when the son walks away he can be accepted
“Things were no longer rosy, that I decided to
come back. Macheso is more like a father to me.
I’m also like a prodigal son to him and I’m
grateful that he understood my plight and
accepted me back. I do not foresee myself leaving
Baba Shero again,” said Kasamba.
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) national
said he was forced out of Extra Kwazvose
because Slomo was too controlling.
“Slomo wanted overall control of the band leaving
Obert, Noel [Nyazanda] and I playing cameo roles.
I couldn’t play such a role as we were in it
equally,” said Kasamba.
He said they bought instruments on credit but
because Slomo frustrated him that he left the
group without finishing off paying the debt.
“Another thing is that we had managed to
acquire instruments on credit for $10 000, which
we were supposed to pay as a group with each of
us contributing. We paid $6 000 and since Slomo
wants to be the band leader he’ll have to deal
with the rest of the money,” said Kasamba.
In 2012, Nyazanda, Elton Muropa and Slomo
dumped Sungura king in favour of Sulumani
Chimbetu’s Orchestra Dendera Kings, citing poor
working conditions.
The following year, Nyazanda and Muropa
retraced their steps after failing to fit into
Dendera grove and were accepted back.
Before the dust could settle, Macheso suffered a
fallout with Kasamba, Nyazanda, and Gomba over
allegations of poor remuneration and the three
joined Slomo to form Extra Kwazvose which was
nicknamed the Rebels in 2013.
However, Extra Kwazvose soon split after
releasing Ndizvo Zviripo in 2013 and Zvepasi Rino
in 2014.
Nyazanda had a stint with Tendai Dembo’s Barura
Express before he made a reunion with Macheso
and two years later the DRC national, Kasamba
also returned home