RBZ governor, Dr John Mangudya said bond notes will not be forced on anyone.

.“On bond notes the RBZ is not forcing the country to use them but was rather monetising the five percent export incentive without doing away with the multi-currency regime.

“The intrinsic value of the export bonus or incentive scheme is to attract and enhance exports by Zimbabweans so that at the end of the day there is enough foreign currency in this country,” said Dr Mangudya. “If you are getting a $400 salary, you will still get $400 in United States dollars, bond notes, rand or euros. If you don’t want them then you use plastic money. We are not forcing anybody to use bond notes,” he said.Dr Mangudya also said there were no banks keeping money offshore to sabotage the economy adding that a tight monitoring system is in place to monitor the flow of forex from the economy.

“What I want to say is there are no banks keeping money offshore for the sake of trying to sabotage the economy. That is the reason why we have a foreign currency committee, which is always there to see how much money they have in their nostros and how much money they are giving to their customers,” said Dr Mangudya