There is a distinct difference when the pussy is just rubbed by fingers or by the dick or when it is licked.
A human tongue is naturally soft, warm and the strength is only such that the clitoris can take.
The clitoris is highly sensitive. Even if it is the seat of all sensations and pleasure, it is also vulnerable to pain especially if there is too much force, if there is too much friction without enough lubrication. Therefore, the tongue is the most ideal part of the body that allows for maximum sensation. The tongue is naturally lubricated with saliva, it has the right temperature and the right texture for the clit.
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When a woman’s pussy is licked, she will feel sensations that can easily heighten, especially, when her clit is being licked. She will feel a pleasurable heat that spreads from her inner vagina all throughout her groin and ultimately heats up her whole body. The sudden heightened sensation from stimulating her clit connects with the heat coming from her inner vagina. She will feel as if the sensation will make her combust. She will start to groan and moan as the sensation intensifies. If the other part of her vagina is licked at this state, it adds to the whole sensation. But if the clit is left for a longer period of time without stimulating it further, the sensation may die down. It is there fore imperative that while other parts of the pussy is being licked, the clit must be licked back.
If the licking action is non-stop, the girl will feel that the pleasurable sensation right down her pussy is building up fast. She may pant and breathe heavily and depending on the speed and interval of licking, she may groan and moan faster. At this point, her pussy will be wet with a sticky substance from her vagina. This is supposed to lubricate her vaginal wall, ready for dick penetration. When this happens, the guys knows that she is at least half way to orgasm already, or almost near orgasm. The girl will feel the urge to make the guy or girl lick faster until she orgasms, or she can choose to let them stop and let the intensity die down a bit before resuming, to prolong the sensation.
Otherwise, the girl will have the need to let the licking go faster and faster until she bursts into a pleasurable orgasm.