Marshal akabva apfekera mboro yake mubeche rangu. Oohh! I loved how his
dick stretched my 2-month tight hole! My pussy was pushing against mboro
yake as if kuisvipa. He pushed his dick even harder and stronger to
counter the resistance. Bhora mugedhi!

He began stroking his length in and out achindisvira. I moaned and
groaned with pleasure. Shit… I could feel him for real! Marshal fucked
me harder as if to respond to my groaning and cries of pleasure, while
holding onto mahips angu. I could barely keep my mouth wrapped around
Tendai’s dick! We all giggled as we tried to be in sync with each other!
Tendai held my head with both hands and tried to make sure he kept his
dick at least 3-quarters deep in my mouth, to avoid it popping out. Then
he fucked my mouth as if it were a warm juicy pussy!

I just kept my mouth open with my lips protecting my teeth and let him
enjoy it. A while later, I stood up straight to gain my balance and
Tendai got behind me. We then repeated the same position with Marshal
now in my mouth and Tendai thrusting into my already stretched and
soaking wet pussy! When Tendai entered me… I felt the stretch even more
because his dick was thicker than yaMarshal. I backed up magaro angu to
meet him halfway with his strokes. He loved it very much.

Marshal fucked my mouth nicely akandibatirira musoro wangu. I could hear
Tendai express his pleasure achiti, ‘Shu shu aaa… baby shuu shuu.’ I
guess he was fascinated by giving pleasure to his former senior school
mate. His was the first younger dick to have stretched my pink hole! It
felt really nice. Apa Marshal was enjoying me sucking on mboro yake.

We all know what a spit-roast is, right? Our mums or vasikana vebasa,
would do this on special occasions. Spit-roast is when you take a whole
chicken and poke a wire through its mouth and out through its arsehole.
You then put the chicken in the oven and plug the wire ends into the
oven. The chicken then rotates nicely while roasting! /Hona waakutoita
rute mumukanwa!/

Manje spit-roast yandiri kutaura pano ndeiyi; I had one man plugging my
mouth while the other plugged beche rangu! I felt that our spit-roast
was out of this world and was rather nice. We all really enjoyed it
zvekuti. We then decided to change position. Ndakarara pasi on the
carpet and Marshal mounted me and fucked me senseless achindindinyira
pasi! Kusvirwa pasi pafloor kunonaka veduwee! Much better than kusvirwa
pamatress pane spring inoita act as a shock absorber.

Pasi, Marshal aindindinyira and I took every pounding yendinyiro yacho!
Tendai ainge akatarisa zvake Marshal achindindinyira kudaro, tossing his
dick and waiting his turn. Ndakazonzwa oti kunaMarshal, ‘Sha… zvawamboti
we should share wani.’ Takaseka zvedu. Marshal pounded my pussy 3 more
times… then pulled his dick out, sweat dripping down his forehead!

Tendai made me stand up and kissed me while fingering my pussy. Akabva
arara pasi on his back pacarpet and got me to go on top and sit on his
dick! I bounced up and down on his thick dick and boy… was it amazing!

Tendai akabatirira magaro angu and squeezed them hard. I could feel my
pussy-juice building up mukati-kati mebeche nekunakirwa! Meanwhile,
Marshal was watching and fondling his dick. Tendai was about to cum so
he paused me fucking him. With his dick wedged right up my pussy
akabowa, ‘Aaa… mira baby, mira!’ But he couldn’t hold it back and
quickly pushed me off his dick before shooting a whole load of spunk up
into the air!

Ndakapotsa padiki otherwise he would have cum inside my pussy. His spunk
landed on his tummy. It was thick and creamy. Very appetizing! We all
laughed zvedu. As I stood there laughing, beche rangu rakange rava
kurohwa nekakutonhorera kemhepo. Tendai was breathless but managed to
say, ‘Amana! Hey, that was good!’

Marshal immediately grabbed my hand and said, ‘Let’s go to your
bedroom.’ I then led him upstairs to my room. Pandaikwira mastairs,
Marshal was staring at my butt, I could feel his eyes pamagaro angu. He
could see how round and firm they were! We entered my bedroom and he
pushed me onto my bed. I landed on my back makumbo ndokuti waya mudenga!

He then got on top again, and gave me a nice slow screw achinyatsozadza
beche rangu rese. He whispered, ‘Ahh… une musikanzwa iwe. Shuu… I really
love that.’ Aidaro achishinyira nekukoira buri rangu! I was holding onto
his buttocks and pulling them down onto me, to make his dick dig deeper
and deeper, while circling my hips moving in rhythm to his screw. His
dick got harder and harder!

We were both breathing heavily. I felt as if he was going to tear my
pussy apart as he got even harder! Then I had a huge orgasm, crying out
loudly, “Fuck Marshal… I’m cumming… oh god… oh! I’m cumming!”

Ipapo Tendai walked into my room to watch us. Just then, Marshal
exploded… ejaculating deep inside me! He was breathing heavily. He kept
his dick inside my pussy for a few seconds while trying to catch his
breath, before pulling it out. We were both satisfied.

Tendai went back downstairs laughing nekunakidzwa nemaevents akange
aitika that evening. We were all satisfied and thrilled by our sexual
experience. Taitotarisana tichiseka-seka as if to say, ndisu here isu
kuita musikanzwa yakadai, zvisina punishment mukati kunge kuchikoro! We
got dressed and had another drink.

We all spoke about how nice the experience had been and discovered that
it was the first ever 3-some experience for each one of us! We all knew
that experiences like that don’t happen every day and certainly don’t
come easily. So we agreed to try it again some other time. Our 3-some
had been great!

We kept in contact with each other and began organizing our next get
together. Who knows what we will get up to then hey? All I can say is, I
am surely looking forward to it! I really can’t wait!