Mark was thinking about the rest of his weekend as he drove home from the gym. He was beginning to think that he was actually looking forward to Monday morning so he had something to do. As he turned the corner to his apartment, he noticed a pickup truck with some furniture in his parking space, which meant someone was finally moving into the apartment next to his.

His first inclination was to blow the horn and make them move, but he decided to be the nice guy and just parked his car out of the way. As he walked into his apartment he saw a young man unloading a couple of boxes.

“Hey, when you’re finished, would you mind ringing the doorbell, so I can park my car in my space, management gets kind of funny about that stuff.”

“No problem, I could move it now if you like.” The young man’s replied left Mark thinking that maybe this neighbor wouldn’t be as bad as the last one who seemed like he went out of his way to piss Mark off.

“No, no that’s fine. By the way my name is Mark, are you the one moving in?”

“No, it’s my sister Marie, she ran out to get some pizza, I’m Mike.” The young man set his boxes down and extended his hand……………..READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2