Chapter 1 — A Bad Day Turns Hopeful

Carol was not having a good day. On top of her other troubles she had just been told that she was being laid off from her executive position at the bank. A tear slid slowly down her cheek as she sat in the coffee shop looking out the window and pondering what she would now do with her life. Just the week before her boyfriend of four years had moved out, leaving her to pay all the rent on a luxury apartment that had been too expensive even when there were two of them sharing the cost.

At forty nine years old Carol felt very alone. Never married, no close relatives, and few really good friends, she had been counting on her job and relationship with Steve to make a good life for herself. True, their sex life had been kind of dull for her taste, but that was not the most important thing. She had her fantasies and took care of herself, often stimulated by stories she read on the internet.

Steve had said they didn’t need to get married; that marriage would only complicate his relationship with his children from an earlier chapter in his life. Now suddenly he had been offered a great job in a foreign country, and he was gone. She couldn’t help but wonder if one of the reasons was that she was earning more money than he was, and he had to prove himself.

“I would ask you to go with me,” he had said. “But you have such a good job here, and I want to be free to have new experiences.”

She had pleaded with him. “But what about all our plans and commitment to each other?”

His response had been cold. “Things change. You have to go with the flow.”

So much for four years of her life. At first she had coped pretty well. She had a good, challenging job, and she still looked good enough to earn a second look from most men, even the younger ones. At five feet nine inches and slender with long, dancer’s legs, Carol made a striking figure. She had dark brown piercing eyes and shoulder length natural hair, that when the sun shone on it was the color of wheat. Her fingernails were long and well manicured, emphasizing her femininity.

But what usually caught the attention of her male co-workers and customers were her full breasts, which stood out high and firm on her chest. At her age she needed the help of a good bra, but with that and careful attention to her posture she held her own with the sexy young things that worked as tellers in the bank. Usually she dressed conservatively, but some days she wore tight tops and short skirts just to get the affirming looks…………READ more on the next page ,Go below this page CLICK>>>>2