Kasukuwere Says “If
Jesus Returns He Will
Join Zanu PF”

Terrence Mawawa, Gutu | Outspoken Zanu PF
National Political Commissar, Saviour
Kasukuwere made shocking utterances at a
rally held at Maungwa Business Centre last
Kasukuwere disturbed all and sundry when he
said:”If Jesus returns he will join Zanu PF”
at the rally attended by hundreds of party
supporters. He has before also said that
Robert Mugabe is “our God.”
Many villagers accused Kasukuwere whose job
was once occupied by the late “assassinated”
commissars, Border Gezi and Eliot Manyika, of
making blasphemous statements.
In a bid to please his boss, President Robert
Mugabe, Kasukuwere made the controversial
utterances considered by many as too
sensational and also “blasphemous”.
Kasukuwere boasted that Zanu PF was the
party for the people and an invincible force
that brought the country’s independence. He
then claimed that if Jesus came back he would
join the party.
“Zanu PF is the only party in Zimbabwe and
even if Jesus comes back, He will join it
because its policies are pro-people,”
Kasukuwere said.
The rally was attended by declared G-40
members, Paul Chimedza, Ticharwa Madondo,
Kallisto Gwanetsa, Jeppy Jaboon and
Provincial Chairman Amasa Nenjana.
He also belittled opposition parties and said
they were made up of disgruntled former
Zanu PF elements.
Kasukuwere thanked the villagers for voting
resoundingly for Mugabe and Zanu PF in 2013.
Asked for a comment, Kasukuwere said:”Do
not give me headac