Mafaro reports that JOSEPH CHINOTIMBA a former Harare city council security guard who led the murderous war veterans eviction of white farmers from farms in Zimbabwe, says he needs to secure a gun in order to protect himself as Harare is now a war zone from the mass protests against President Robert Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats.

The former Harare council security guard, war veterans’ leader Joseph Chinotimba, then the self styled commander of the murderous white farmer evictions. was hauled to court in the early 2000s and charged with the shooting and injuring his neighbour,  Anna Maria Maenzanise, an MDC chairperson for Glen Norah district outside her home in Glen Norah C.

 Chinotimba was, convicted of possessing an unlicenced gun but, typical of political interference, the war veterans leader was acquitted of an attempted murder charge and also the charge of discharging a firearm recklessly.
Chinotimba has always been a law unto himself and even managed to be absent without leave from work for a stretch of more than two years while earning his wages without question.
Harare regional magistrate Godfrey Macheyo convicted Chinotimba of being in possession of a gun illegally. The then Zanu-PF director for security, Nkonzi Chikosi, reportedly told the court in defence of Chinotimba that Chinotimba needed the gun for his personal security during “demonstrations” on commercial farms.
However the court argued that the demonstrations had been declared illegal by the Supreme Court and Zanu-PF did not have a certificate for the gun “in accordance with the Firearms Act” but an issue voucher given by the issuing police officer and, Chinotimba was not covered as there was no proof that he was formally employed by Zanu PF party. Unsurprisingly so, Chinotimba was acquitted and even became a Zanu PF legislator in parllament to date. To the ‘Discerning eye newzimbabwevision, it would be arming a dangerous criminally minded Zanu PF stalwart if he is allowed to own a gun and typically placing the lives of those in his reach, in mortal danger. History has proven that he is dangerous!