Jah Prayzah dismisses
story alleging Gonyeti used
s@x juju
Singer Mukudzeyi Mukombe, popularly known as
Jah Prayzah has issued a statement denying a
fake story covered by a Zimbabwean website
claiming that he could not resist the “sex juju”
of his former dancer Pamela Zulu aka Gonyeti.
Tearful Gonyeti accuses Jah Prayzah of sexual
abuse. (Photo: allafrica.com)
In the story the website claimed to have got an
exclusive interview with Jah Prayzah who is
alleged to have said “Gonyeti used Juju to
seduce him and to sleeping with her so that she
could extort money from him. They further
claimed he had said “Gonyeti had cast a spell on
him so that she could use him to make money for
Jah Prayzah however says he did not grant
anyone any exclusive interview on the matter.
“On Saturday 1 October 2016 a certain website
www.zimbotoday.com carried a story alleging
that I, Mukudzeyi Mukombe (Jah Prayzah) had
given them an exclusive interview. That
information is false as I have neither issued any
statement nor an interview to the media since
various allegations have been made against me.
“As stated in the H Metro of Tuesday September
27, I deny the allegations. This is a very
sensitive matter which I will henceforth leave in
the hands of my lawyer Mr Hamunakwadi, to
work on the case. We all deserve the truth and I
trust in time it shall be revealed.
I thank you for your continued encouragement,
patience, and support. Makandikoshera,” Jah
Prayzah wrote.